Since I was in class X, I have been extremely overwhelmed with the guidance provided by Dr Dipti Yadav. She has been listening to me patiently and guiding me throughout. She showed me the simplest way to decide on my career options: to follow my passion. She is undoubtedly the best psychologist in Gurgaon who can provide the perfect career counseling to those confused about their future. Consulting her has been a turning point in my life, and I would be thankful to her for changing my life.Arjun Reddy

Since I lost my brother, I have been in acute depression. It has been three years, and I couldn’t get over the situation. I used to feel numb, and my health started deteriorating. At this point, my friend recommended me to the best psychologist in Gurgaon to overcome all my problems. Dr Dipti Yadav had become my confidant with her patience in hearing my problem and suggested me the best solution. I will remain grateful to her for her productive counselling.Krish Bakshi

Life has never been the same since the day I consulted Dr Dipti Yadav for my PTSD after my father’s death by accident. I used to hear frequent noises and kept myself enclosed in my room. One day my sister took me for counselling with the best psychologist in Gurgaon. At first didn’t feel comfortable to visit a psychologist but with her I became extremely comfortable. I felt excellent during the sessions. She has been very friendly and kind. Today I am on the verge of recovery and living my life with positive vibes. Thanks to her!Aarav Anand

I recommend Dr Dipti Yadav to anyone seeking recommendations for counselling. She provides unique and effective treatment to all her patients. Visiting her every time was a mental relief. She is undoubtedly a top psychologist in Gurgaon. Because of her, I could overcome my depression after my divorce. She recommended some of the simplest ways to move on in life, be happy and accept whatever comes to me. I owe all my present happiness and peace of mind to her.Jahan Khatri

I had been visiting Dr Dipti Yadav for a long time. My husband and I had been going through misunderstandings which negatively impacted our careers and our son’s mental health. So we both went for marriage counselling and, along with that, opted for career counselling for my son. We all felt very comfortable in our very first session and continued visiting her. She inspected all our problems and helped in solving most of our misunderstandings. I can undoubtedly recommend her as the best career counsellor in Gurgaon, who brought a significant turn in our son’s career choice.Nishan Agarwal

I had been facing a few issues with my second marriage. This frustrated me, and I soon opted for marriage counselling with Dr Dipti Yadav. She has been very patient with us, listening to all our problems and went slow with her treatment. The impending separation carried a negative impact on my career. I lost my job. She has also been the best career counsellor in Gurgaon, providing positive and helpful advice to me regarding the betterment of my career. Today, I am doing fine in life. All thanks to her!Samardh Ahuja

My partner and I were having a regular fight that impacted our careers. So we were looking for a couple of counsellors. We heard about Dr Dipti Yadav from one of our relatives. We felt a lot better after a few sessions. She is the best career counsellor in Gurgaon who helped us with her innovative ideas on pursuing our dream career. Thanks to her patience and friendly behaviour that made us feel more like her friend. We are delighted!Sarika Arya

I strongly feel that Dr Dipti Yadav is the best career counsellor in Gurgaon with her vast knowledge and innovative research. I had been unhappy with my field of study. This resulted in poor performance, and I was suffering from intense anxiety problems. She talked my heart out and recommended some other career options that I might find love. It changed my life. She is also a highly skilled couple counsellor. I talked to her about my recent breakup due to my anxiety issues. She assisted greatly in my healing process. I am grateful to her.Shyla Bedi

My husband and I were experiencing a difficult time in our marriage. We even thought of official separation. This significantly impacted our son’s studies. A familiar friend of ours recommended career counselling in Gurgaon with Dr Dipti Yadav. After taking first few sessions from her, I learned about couple counselling. I immediately opted for it. We shared all our problems with her. A healthy discussion with the couple’s counsellor helped us solve the problems mutually. We will be celebrating our 10th anniversary next year, and my son is doing great with his studies.Kimaya Chabra

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