Best Psychologist in Gurgaon

Best Psychologist in Gurgaon
We assist individuals with mental health and well-being services of high standard and professional quality. Our Gurgaon based RCI registered psychologist and therapist Dr. Dipti Yadav will help you achieve holistic wellbeing. Over the past 20 years, we have been offering these services to individuals and groups diligently.

If you or someone you love is struggling with any form of mental health issue, we at WELLBEING HELP @ SWAMAAN can help you with it. We offer flexible scheduling to ensure that you can access our services whenever it is convenient for you. You can book appointment for both online and in-person sessions.

If you are feeling stressed, anxious or in need of psychological support, look no further than our counsellor, psychotherapist and the best psychologist in Gurgaon, Dr Dipti Yadav. You can expect a highly personalized experience through customized sessions for you to help you get the most out of therapy. You can visit our customers positive Google reviews. More About – Among the Best Psychologists in India & around the World.


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Issues where a psychotherapist can help!

Issues where a psychotherapist can help!

Anyone with a mental health issue will benefit from psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is a helpful tool for people of all ages and backgrounds. It can be particularly beneficial for those who experience common problems such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

Anyone can benefit from psychotherapy, regardless of their mental health condition. So, whether you are struggling with a mental health condition or just want to improve your psychological wellbeing in general, you should see a psychotherapist and psychologist in Gurgaon, India. You won’t regret it!

  • Couples Battling Marital Issues: Marital problems can be a tough challenge for any couple. It is always helpful to consult with an expert psychotherapist before the relationship issues become difficult to handle.
  • Parent and Child Counselling: We help families address the interpersonal conflicts through effective communication. Our special modules for parents help them communicate and bond effectively with their growing kids and teenagers.
  • Coping with Stress, Anxiety, Depression etc.: Stress and anxiety are common conditions that can affect anyone at any time. If you are experiencing either of these issues, then seeking professional help can be a good idea.
  • Mental health support: Mental health conditions like OCD, depression, bipolar disorder etc. are quite complex and can be extremely challenging for patients as well as their families. That is where the psychotherapist comes in. We are trained to help people deal with mental health challenges in the best possible way.
  • Change your life trajectory: Anyone who wants to change their life trajectory can benefit from our career counselling services in Gurgaon, India. We help students and professionals to work through complex life challenges and reach a solution.
  • Reprogramme yourself for a Better Life: If you wish to enjoy a life full of confidence, happiness and motivation, we have special training modules adapted from Positive Psychology, NLP and Hypnotherapy to train your subconscious mind.

Our Wellbeing Support Services

Psychotherapy Psychotherapy proves to be one of the most reliable and beneficial intervention for mental and emotional health and wellbeing. If you need therapy and have not found the right best psychologist in Gurgaon yet, try Dr. Dipti Yadav! She is the best RCI Registered Psychologist and psychotherapist around and provides top-notch treatment that is tailored to meet your specific counselling needs.

Our Psychotherapeutic Approaches There are many types of counselling and therapy programs, however, before proceeding, the therapist must be able to accurately diagnose the issue. We can help you explore the root of your problems and get therapy that suits you. It can take between 4-6 sessions to start seeing the results. For more severe health conditions, 12-15 sessions may be required to see the best results.

Expert Counsellors and Psychologists

Comprehensive mental health support with expert Counsellors and Psychologists

Using Solution Focused Brief Therapy we would help you deal with your problems head-on. You can learn to manage your mental health and wellbeing issues using a solution focused approach. We create a treatment plan using techniques from CBT, DBT, NLP, Hypnotherapy and Positive Psychology. These sessions are very successful in treating mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, depression and phobia to name a few.

Cognitive-Behavioural therapy (CBT) is another preferred and widely used psychotherapy at WellBeing Help that aims to improve mental health by focusing on thoughts, feelings and behaviour. CBT helps people identify and change their negative thinking patterns. DBT or Dialectic Behaviour Therapy is used to help one learn to manage one’s difficult emotions by letting oneself experience, recognise and accept them. Effective tools and techniques are incorporated in the sessions from the fields of Positive Psychology, Hypnotherapy and NLP.

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Since I was in class X, I have been extremely overwhelmed with the guidance provided by Dr Dipti Yadav. She has been listening to me patiently and guiding me throughout…Arjun Reddy
Since I lost my brother, I have been in acute depression. It has been three years, and I couldn’t get over the situation. I used to feel numb, and my health started deteriorating…
Krish Bakshi
Life has never been the same since the day I consulted Dr Dipti Yadav for my PTSD after my father’s death by accident. I used to hear frequent noises and kept myself enclosed in my room…Aarav Anand
I recommend Dr Dipti Yadav to anyone seeking recommendations for counselling. She provides unique and effective treatment to all her patients…Jahan Khatri
I had been visiting Dr Dipti Yadav for a long time. My husband and I had been going through misunderstandings which negatively impacted our careers and our son’s mental health…Nishan Agarwal
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Dr. Dipti Yadav/ Meet your therapist

Dr. Dipti Yadav

Dr. Dipti Yadav is an empathetic and committed RCI Registered Psychologist. She offers psychological support and intervention to children, adolescents, young adults, couples and families in Gurgaon and India Wide. She has expertise in handling a variety of psychological well-being issues ie Relationship Management, Low Self-Esteem, Stress, Anxiety, Phobia & Depression.

Dr Dipti has a rich experience of over 20 years in the field of psychology. She uses an integrated therapeutic approach and applies techniques from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Positive Psychology.

Dr. Dipti is a registered and licensed psychologist with Rehabilitation Council of India. She holds a Doctorate in Psychology from University of Rajasthan. She is also a member of Association of Rehabilitation Professionals and Parents, India.

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