Among the Best Psychologists in India, Here Are the Top 10

In the modern world, there is a solution to everything you can think of. This includes your internal challenges you’re dealing with as well. For assisted guidance through your self-healing journey, a psychologist can be the top choice for many.

However, finding one can be tricky sometimes as you wouldn’t know whom to trust with such personal information. Hence, here are a few of the leading best psychologists in India who can help you in innumerable ways:

For A Deeper Understanding of Your Unresolved Issues, Dr. Amit Abraham: Everyone in this world deals with unresolved issues either from the past or the present. However, psychologists can help greatly with those issues.

For the topmost choice, trust Dr. Amit Abraham with your personal unfulfilled actions. Furthermore, he’ll be able to help you with understanding all that guilt and resentment inside you that’s so unacknowledged.

These sorts of problems aren’t easy to face and everyone including you should be able to get the needed support for your problems.

An Expert in Helping You Define Trauma, Dr. Anjhula Mya Bais: Trauma is a state of mind that can affect you in countless ways. This might develop from childhood or unfortunate events from your recent experiences.

Dr. Anjhula Mya Bais is the perfect person to go to for every issue related to deep rooted trauma within. Your mind and thought process is individually unique and that’s why you need an expert to deal with all your concerns.

Going to a psychologist that deals with trauma should be your first priority if you face issues with your loved ones and daily routine because of it.

The Master in Clinical and Psychological Disorders, Dr. Dipti Yadav: Clinical and psychological disorders come under those things which might exist within you but you have no clue about them. Many people suffer with multiple harming disorders that should be examined with proper care and attention.

For every single one of your concerns, you should have an appointment as quickly as possible with the best psychologist in Gurgaon. This will help you achieve success over a number of problems and make you life worth living physically and emotionally.

To take all that underlying stress and frustration out of your mind, refer to Dr. Dipti Yadav since she comes in the category of some of the finest experienced psychologists. She is an achieving psychologist with numerous prizes and rewards for her amazing work. As a career counsellor, she has Green Belt certification as a Global Career Counsellor form Univariety & University of California, Los Angeles.

An Infamous Author on Reproductive Psychology, Dr. Radhika Chandiramani: Tons of people everyday face the issue of not knowing about particular issues regarding reproduction. Whether it’s an issue regarding sexuality, body image or even insecurities about their partner’s perception, many face it without knowing how to deal with it.

Coming in terms with those things can seem like the toughest thing to do but Dr. Radhika Chandiramani will be able to help you with that particularly.

She specialises in reproductive psychology and can do wonders when it comes to psychological concerns about your own body.

For Overstepping the Misleading Information about Gender Roles, Dr. Vindhya Undurti: There is a plethora of misleading facts about gender roles. These are built for the purposes of oppression, building anxiety and insecurities as well.

Dr. Vindhya Undurti can provide you information and support to overcome these statements and heal yourself as a human being throughout. Not only is that, but the outcome of such knowledge always fruitful.

An Analyst between the Past and the Present, Dr. Ashis Nandy: The present is related to the past in countless terms. Everything in this world right now is linked to something in the past because of how cohesively these two things work together.

Dr. Ashis Nandy is one of those specialists who can help you with the understanding of this and change the course of your life through this information.

Helping in a Better Understanding of the Behaviour, Dr. V.S. Ramachandran: With multiple biographies, tons of awards and countless behavioural theories, Dr. V.S. Ramachandran are here to help you out with your deepest problems.

He is the perfect source of information on how to deal with your internal resentment and the way you feel about certain things. This can be impactful on your daily life starting from the minute you seek his services.

A Renowned Expert in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Prerna Kohli: Clinical psychology is a complicated subject intertwined between the innumerable possibilities of how a person can react to particular situations and how their mind works.

Luckily, the appropriate solution to finding out the meaning of your issues is an appointment with Dr. Prerna Kohli. She can address to each and every sort of problem or disorder you might have that has been troublesome.

Bring A Change With Dance Therapy And Body Movement With Dr. Rashi Bijlani: One of the best ways to deal with anxiety, stress and insecurities is dancing. This particular activity can not only help you with diminishing stress but get rid of unknown insecurities as well.

Dr. Rashi Bijlani is a great psychologist who has mastered the science behind dancing and body movement. A visit with her will help you achieve success over all the negative problems in your life.

An Inspirational Counsellor for Family Therapy, Dr. Mimansa Singh: Many families around the world deal with troublesome teenagers or the age gap widening. However, this doesn’t mean you have to keep leading a bad relationship with any member of your family.

Dr. Mimansa Singh is a renowned psychologist who deals with family therapy. This is the type of counselling that almost every family needs in the present era. The way this can lead to a healthy bonding and relationship with your family is truly mind blowing.

Dealing and discussing about your personal problems might seem like an awkward idea. However, this is the best possible way to get out of that situation or get rid of those issues. Reaching out and asking for help has always proved to be a solution.

For more information on top psychologists and ways to deal with your mental disorders, check out Wellbeing Help today!

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