Mental Health Counselling: How it Works, Benefits

You are wrong if you think mental health counselling is just for people with mental disorders. Counselling works like an empowering experience and helps a person understand and realize things from a different perspective they otherwise didn’t know existed. It is a cognitive treatment process to identify and fix the root cause, helping a person overcome the situation. How Can Mental Health Counselling Help? Most...

18th September, 2023
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Co-Parenting: How Does Co-Parenting Counselling Work?

How Impactful Can Be Co-Parenting Counselling? Are you always in an adverse role when communicating with your partner? Is there a lack of cooperation when managing your kid and end up fighting in front of them? Stop now, or else you have to face its consequences soon. Seeking help from couples and marriage counselling sessions can improve the situation. Parent counselling will help understand the...

11th September, 2023
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How to Deal with Panic Attacks?

What to Do During Panic Attacks? Anxiety can be stressful, and it creates worries or fears in a person, which aren’t temporary. It persists and can worsen with time. It is when it interferes with one’s personal life and demands effective treatment and psychologist assistance. They can address the problem and help with behavioural treatment to calm the person. People suffering from panic attacks can...

18th August, 2023
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Top 10 Famous Indian psychologists and their Contributions

List 10 Famous Indian Psychologists Impacting Mental Health - The word mental health is no more surprise to many, unlike the previous days. Organizations show more concern for mental health. It’s important to find ways to maintain mental health for the good of the organization and its employees. Seeing psychology is no longer taboo or a thing to hide, as people find it easy to...

5th August, 2023
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Employee Health & Well-being in the Workplace

Why is employee health & well-being important? How to optimize it to offer a better employee experience in the workplace? Focus on employee well-being should be the top priority of an employer. Taking care of employees’ well-being shows positive business results. Employers must understand that well-being is more than caring for an ill employee. Understanding How Well-being Is Vital Since the pandemic outbreak, focus on...

28th July, 2023
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What Are the Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs in India?

Corporate wellness programs in India – A responsible and experienced employer always focuses on building a healthy work environment to keep the employees productive. That’s the foundation of maintaining workplace strength. But amidst the rise of mental health awareness, implementing corporate wellness programs has become mandatory. Workplace wellness programs can offer the right support to employees, thereby addressing their issues. These programs include the following services:...

13th July, 2023
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Workplace Mental Health Awareness: How Does It Promote Productivity?

Workplace Mental Health Awareness: In this 21st-century workplace environment, taking a day off due to physical sickness is valid. But how often have you ever heard someone taking a leave due to their mental health? Many people think that physical well-being is more crucial than the emotional state of being. But your mental health can dent your confidence and hamper productivity while ruining your workplace...

5th July, 2023
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Anxiety & Depression- How counselling can help

Anxiety is characterized by an intense and persistent worry or fear about everyday life events. While some degree of anxiety is normal, an excessive level of anxiety induces uncomfortable symptoms that hinder day-to-day activities and also affect the self-image of the person. While anxiety is a worldwide condition, there are steps you can take. Anxiety and depression counselling has been proven to help people suffering from anxiety....

27th June, 2023
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Importance of Workplace Psychology- Seeking Workplace Bullying and Harassment Counselling

Seeking Workplace Bullying and Harassment Counselling – Workplace psychology, focuses on comprehending, clarifying, and enhancing the attitudes and behaviours of individuals and groups within organisations. This field of study aims to apply this knowledge to address various work-related challenges. Workplace psychology research contributes to resolving issues such as psychological trauma experienced in the workplace, improving worker productivity, and effectively managing employee stress levels. Importance of...

12th June, 2023
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Role of Personality Development in Your Career

A strong personality is essential for one’s personal life, career, and other aspects. The personality can uplift, bring down, curse, and bless. This statement holds great accuracy and truth regarding one’s personality. It would not be an overstatement to assert that personality is the crucial factor for achieving success in one’s career and, consequently, in life as a whole. How Can Personality Development Boost Your Career?...

7th June, 2023
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Psychosomatic Disorder: A Detailed Guide to Its Symptoms and Treatment

One cannot overstate the importance of the mind-body link. Your mental condition significantly impacts your physical health. You should thus not undervalue the significant connection between your mental and physical wellbeing. Read along to learn more about psychosomatic disorder, their signs and symptoms, and their treatments in detail. In some instances, physical illnesses can cause psychological issues or vice versa. Physical illnesses with underlying psychological...

1st June, 2023
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Understanding Cognitive Behavioural Therapy- How CBT Works and How it can Help You

Over the years, the field of Psychology and Psychotherapy has grown substantially. Newer and improved therapeutic methods are emerging to help people with their mental health. One of the most prominent forms of psychotherapy is the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT. What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy? Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a form of psychotherapy that teaches people how to recognise and modify harmful or...

29th May, 2023
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Best & Top 10 Marriage Counsellors in India

Find The Best Marriage Counsellors in India – The divorce rate in India is reportedly at 1.1%, making it one of the lowest in the world, according to several news and survey organisations. The trend towards divorce, particularly in India’s major cities, is cause for worry. In addition, many couples choose to split without formally divorcing. Having couple and relationship counselling available in these communities...

12th May, 2023
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10 Best Psychiatrists in India

While mental illness is still stigmatised in India, many highly qualified psychiatrists are committed to helping individuals overcome mental health challenges. Here are the 10 best psychiatrists in India based on their expertise, experience, and patient reviews. Vikram Patel Dr. Vikram Patel is a psychiatrist, professor at the Harvard Medical School, and co-founder of the Sangath Centre in Goa, India. He is known for his...

24th April, 2023
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How psychologist help to treat Depression

How Psychologist Help to Treat Depression? Depression is a serious mental health condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It is a mood disorder characterized by persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and loss of interest or pleasure in activities that were once enjoyable. Yes, a psychologist can be a good choice for treating depression. Psychologists are mental health professionals who specialize in treating various mental...

10th April, 2023
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What are the 5 signs of mental illness?

5 signs of mental illness - Many different problems can impair mental health, including mental illness and mental health disorders. Mental illnesses impact a person's mood, thought process, and behaviour. Many mental illnesses can seriously impair a person's capacity to carry out daily activities, including working, studying, or maintaining their quality of life. In most circumstances, psychotherapy and medications can be used to address the...

3rd April, 2023
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Top Reasons for Consulting a Psychologist

A mental health expert may help with many things, including those who don't think they fit the criteria for diagnosing a mental health problem or those who do. To see someone, you don't have to fulfil the diagnostic requirements! Both common and more complicated issues are covered in therapy on various topics. There are numerous benefits to consulting a psychologist. Therapy can help anyone! To...

27th March, 2023
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What are the benefits of career Counselling?

When the question is about a career, you get a lot of advice from your relatives and acquaintances. But that clearly confuses you more while some of the advice is just useless. That is why you should always consider consulting the best career counsellor for career counselling. With professional guidance, you can select the right path in your career without delay. Proper counselling can bring...

13th March, 2023
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How to choose the good psychologist?

There is a growing need for good psychologists in current times. People battle with stress, tension, and anxiety all the time. This can interfere in their regular life and make things go haywire. To cope with such issues, it is vital to hire the services of the best psychologist in India. Always do in-depth research before you hire a service provider. Your overall well-being and...

6th March, 2023
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Feeling nervous about starting therapy? A guide to starting therapy with confidence.

A guide to starting therapy with confidence. Feeling nervous about starting therapy is completely normal, especially if it's your first time. But understanding what happens inside therapy, what to expect during sessions, and the general ground rules for a successful therapy experience can help ease any concerns you may have. By actively participating in therapy with honesty, patience, and an open-minded attitude, you can gain...

1st March, 2023
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Top Psychologists in Delhi NCR

When Should You Visit A Psychologist In Delhi NCR? There are usually difficulties in life. However, some people can be so domineering that it might be challenging to go on. You must understand that aid is accessible for any issue life presents, whether it's the loss of a loved one or debilitating worry. As you know, damaged daily activities have made life more stressful in...

27th February, 2023
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How do Psychologists Treat Anxiety?

Can psychologists treat anxiety? There are a growing number of people all across the world who are battling anxiety depression and numerous other mental health-related issues. Lifestyle stress, tensions, performance pressure, etc are some of the things that lead to anxiety in life. Besides, this it is also possible that you are genetically disposed to be more anxious than others. Whatever the reason it is...

6th February, 2023
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Is Counselling Good For Depression?

Is Counselling Good For Depression? Contrary to mainstream belief, depression can be quite a serious and detrimental mood disorder. Surveys show that more than 17 million Americans have already suffered from a significant depressive episode just last year. Learn how counselling for depression can help, and find a best therapist today. This number is nowhere close to reducing, a serious problem in modern society. Depressive...

11th January, 2023
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11 ways to enhance EQ before going for psychotherapy: Emotional Intelligence

Key Points: Emotional Intelligence or EQ consists of Awareness of self and others enabling a person to manage self and relationships and counts more than IQ for being successful in life. This article highlights 11 ways to enhance one's EQ to live a blissful life. Knowing how we think, feel, and act and being able to control those emotions is known as emotional intelligence. It...

10th January, 2023
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10 tips to boost your mental health

At other times, though, life seems to rush right at you. Sometimes you can't help but feel overwhelmed by the constant activity around you. A person's mental health may be negatively impacted by the stress, worry, despair, or fear accompanying it. It's easier said than done to keep your emotional and mental health in check, yet it is essential for thriving. Maintaining your mental health...

2nd January, 2023
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