Workplace Mental Health Awareness: How Does It Promote Productivity?

Workplace Mental Health Awareness: In this 21st-century workplace environment, taking a day off due to physical sickness is valid. But how often have you ever heard someone taking a leave due to their mental health? Many people think that physical well-being is more crucial than the emotional state of being. But your mental health can dent your confidence and hamper productivity while ruining your workplace identity.

But after the pandemic outbreak, establishments are giving importance to their employees’ mental wellness. They have started realising that mental ailments can affect productivity and overall performance. Let’s narrate the points highlighted by the best psychologist regarding the role of mental health awareness in the workplace or offices.

The Role of Mental Health Awareness in Offices

Feeling low, emotionally fatigued, stressed, or frightened are some regular experiences in life. But most of these feelings develop into an issue such as depression or anxiety. Genetics, poverty, discrimination, childhood trauma, or other physical diseases can affect mental wellbeing too.

While different mental problems affect individuals in various ways, understanding each experience is compulsory. That’s where Dr. Dipti Yadav serves you with her competency and experience.

Despite the increased focus on mental wellness, people still experience discrimination and challenges. They try to keep their feelings deep down in their hearts to avoid stereotypical responses from others. Phobias and feelings of being ashamed are why people do not talk about their mental well-being.

Thus, companies should create workplace cultures where employees can speak about their mental well-being without a second thought. Workplaces should be places where the employees feel safe. So, it should encourage open communication that lets employees work in a comfortable environment.

How Does Mental Health Awareness Promote Productivity at Work?

With the rise of mental health awareness in Gurgaon and India, a mentally-sound environment becomes a requisite for employers and employees alike. Besides promoting workplace productivity, it reduces stigma and encourages open communication. Let’s point out the most important ways in which mental health awareness can improve workplace productivity:

Boosts Productivity at Work

A safe and secure workplace can improve the employee’s productivity and focus. Meaning they can better concentrate on their work while making well-informed decisions. Better productivity at work reduces stress and offers a great work-life balance, which boosts job satisfaction.

Encourages Open Communication

With an office implementing mental health awareness program, it helps combat stigmas related to mental well-being. In fact, open communication can create a peaceful environment promoting performance. Personnel have access to wellness support to prevent these problems from escalating. That leads to an improved outcome for both individuals and the company.

Reduces Stigma

Most of the time, people discuss mental health issues with negative connotations. Someone experiencing emotional troubles, anxiety, or depression has a stigma which affects negatively. So an employer must always encourage mental awareness and assist workers suffering from mental illness. That’s where the role of open communication comes into being.

Fewer Employees Take Leaves and Reduced Chances of Presenteeism

Some people are not entirely engaged at work (presenteeism) or don’t come to the office regularly (absenteeism). But spreading awareness and offering holistic mental support allows organizations to reduce the rates of presenteeism and absenteeism. As a result, organizations can increase employees’ work performance with increased work attendance.

Promotes Team Work

Devoting to a healthy diet keeps an employee productive and energised at work. On that same note, when the employee is mentally healthy, it boosts their workplace performance. With poor emotional well-being, employees can experience the following conditions:

  • Inability to make decisions appropriately
  • Affecting workflow
  • Hampering workplace relationships with the boss and other co-workers
  • An increased absenteeism rate

Now you know why prioritizing mental wellness awareness is crucial in the workplace. A supportive office environment can reduce stigma, offer support, improve your condition, and boost productivity. Ultimately, by boosting employees’ performance, it offers long-term success.

Top Mental Issues an Individual May Suffer from at Work

The following are the top mental health issues one may experience at work:

  • Anxiety can include physical health symptoms such as sweating, shaking, and breathing difficulty, and other cognitive symptoms like worries or racing thoughts
  • Depression may include symptoms like emptiness, sadness, hopelessness, reduced energy, changes in appetite, and more
  • Burnout leads to detachment, decreased productivity, headache, feelings of cynicism, stomach issues and more
  • Stress leads to increased heart rate, muscle tension, and sleep problems
What Can an Office Do to Improve Workplace Productivity?

If an employee has been bullied at work, a company can conduct a workplace bullying and harassment counselling session with a psychologist’s assistance. Get in touch with Dr. Yadav for an integrated therapeutic approach.

Dr Dipti is a licensed psychologist who holds a Doctorate in Psychology and a Green Belt certification. She can assist young adults to better deal with workplace stress while improving productivity.

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The author has analysed the importance of mental health awareness programs for workplace productivity. It outlines the benefits of psychological therapies in boosting workplace performance, reducing stigma, and encouraging open communication. After reading the blog, you now understand the role of emotional health awareness that improves your work while helping you acquire a work-life balance.

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