11 ways to enhance EQ before going for psychotherapy: Emotional Intelligence

Key Points: Emotional Intelligence or EQ consists of Awareness of self and others enabling a person to manage self and relationships and counts more than IQ for being successful in life. This article highlights 11 ways to enhance one's EQ to live a blissful life. Knowing how we think, feel, and act and being able to control those emotions is known as emotional intelligence. It...

10th January, 2023
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Warning Signs that you are overdue for self care

Is life becoming a little tough for you to handle? Do you find yourself more exhausted than usual? Are you finding it difficult to find the strength and courage to keep going. Do you believe that life is too difficult for you to control and manage your emotions? If things seem overwhelming to you at the moment, it is important to step back, reflect and...

4th January, 2023
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