Career counselling after 10th & 12th

After 10th and 12th standard, students can, time and again, select a discipline of specialization. This specialization is founded on their interests and aptitudes. This permits them to hunt deeper and learn more about the subjects they are zealous about. Why Is Deciding on a Career after the 12th Standard Important? Many career paths need particular educational qualifications. When students realise their career goals, they...

2nd February, 2024
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What after 10th? Career counselling for 10th class

After the conclusion of the 10th class, students have to make a crucial decision that will stick with them in the future, choosing what to do after 10th. Career counselling for 10th class in 2023. While many parents, teachers and institutions believe that the 10th class is still early to decide the child’s future, career counselling during the 10th standard is essential to enable the students to make an...

22nd May, 2023
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