What after 10th? Career counselling for 10th class

After the conclusion of the 10th class, students have to make a crucial decision that will stick with them in the future, choosing what to do after 10th.

Career counselling for 10th class in 2023. While many parents, teachers and institutions believe that the 10th class is still early to decide the child’s future, career counselling during the 10th standard is essential to enable the students to make an informed decision about their prospects.

What is Career Counselling?

Career counselling is the process of assisting people in determining what they are proficient at and what career opportunities are most suitable for them.

This form of counselling is generally sought by students and young professionals and in some cases, by experienced individuals who are looking to transition to a different job.

Career counselling can be offered by school psychologists, therapists and through other agencies providing educational and vocational guidance.

How Does Career Counselling Work?

Typically, career counselling begins with the evaluation of a person’s strengths, skill set, and interests. This data is subsequently utilised to identify possible career avenues that might be an appropriate match.

The best psychologists in India or counsellors can provide relevant information about various professions, growth potential, earning opportunities and job requirements.

Counsellors can also help people to find training and education options, like vocational schools or colleges.

Why is Career Counselling Essential?

In the year 2023, every parent and school are trying their best to ensure that their child takes an ideal path to success. This has increased the importance of career counselling.

Career guidance lets:

  • Students opt for the stream of their choice
  • Let the students explore themselves and their understanding of their selves
Reasons to Seek Career Counselling Today

Here are some reasons why counsellors like Dr Dipti Yadav recommend getting career guidance from a professional guide:

1) Counselling Lessens the Chances of Peer Pressure

One main reason pupils choose a particular stream is due to the fact their friends are doing it. In the end, they become victims of peer pressure and compromise their future careers.

To prevent instances of peer pressure, it is critical to ensure that students receive adequate guidance before making any crucial decisions that influence their future.

2) Counselling Helps in the Understanding of Personal Weaknesses

Effective career advice enables a student to learn about their shortcomings and the areas in which they need to improve. For example, suppose a person is talented at illustrating and decides to pursue a career in graphic design.

He might not be very good at areas like mathematics. Making it challenging for him to thrive in this line of work.

3) Career Guidance Helps Students to Pick the Right Stream

There are numerous cases where students choose a specific course of study during their 11th and 12th grades simply because their parents insist on it.

In such instances, students ultimately end up choosing a stream in which they have little passion and lack aptitude.

In cases of severe dissatisfaction with the stream of their choice, these students end up changing their streams, ultimately compromising a year.

Due to this, it is crucial to educate the children about all the stream options they have and which would be the best course of action for them. The best psychologists in India will counsel the children in such a way that they are heard and the most fitting decision is taken.

4) Guidance Helps Broaden the Perspective

The trend in India has favoured professions such as doctors and engineers over other fields like teachers and artists. This trend has made the average student choose the science stream without taking into consideration their own will.

This narrow perspective has created an abundance of dissatisfied students in streams such as PCM, whereas the classrooms for humanities and commerce streams have dwindling amounts of students.

Working with an experienced and understanding career counsellor will help widen the student’s horizon and they will be able to explore more fields than simply giving in to social norms.

Final Words

The value of career counselling is paramount to young people, especially tender students in grade 10th. With the correct guidance and direction, these students can make decisions that are well-thought-out and beneficial for them in the long run.

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About the Author

Dr Dipti Yadav is one of the best and most experienced career counsellors in India with a desire to assist young people to reach their full potential. She believes in working with her clients in an empathetic and understanding way to give them more control over their lives. She has guided hundreds of young students to get to better places!

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