Who is the Best Career Counsellor in India?

In this fast-moving and competitive world, choosing the right career option can be challenging. Even if students choose a definite path, going through it with dedication and determination can be tough. If you cannot identify your desires and career path, seeking guidance from counsellors can make it easy.

Career counsellor help clarifies skills, personality, interests, and an individual’s values. It also helps aspirants grow a connection with experts and provides confidence throughout. Get assistance from promising and top career coaches and have confidence in what you do.

Let us look at the list of the top ten career counsellors in Gurgaon.

  1. Dr. Dipti Yadav

Dr. Dipti Yadav is a reliable therapist and psychologist to guide holistic well-being. With years of expertise, she can guide groups and individuals diligently. If you are struggling with severe mental health, get your confidence back with sessions by Dr. Dipti Yadav.

At Wellbeing Help, one can avail both in-person and online sessions that suit the best. This is how Dr. Dipti Yadav is the best psychologist in Gurgaon to consult to help with your mental issues. A single session can show positive career impacts.

  1. Amrita Singh

Amrita Singh is an expert counsellor in New Delhi who can assist students in overcoming their challenges. Holding a doctorate and master’s degree in psychology, she can offer thorough counselling and guidance along with a career counsellor. Her mentorship is the best to help students with career counselling advice from various backgrounds.

She creates awareness among youngsters of the importance of aptitude, skills, and personality in their work area. Career assessment, conducting students’ workshops, and counselling are suitable to guide the aspirants to come up with bright colours.

  1. Srishti Mahendro

Srishti Mahendro is an enthusiastic career counsellor who can offer a workable solution to client problems. With a master’s degree in psychology, she has excellent experience in the field. She is a certified coach who helps students go on the right career path and guides them with entrance tests, preparation strategies, and correct time management.

It helps students attain confidence and brings them close to a suitable career path. Low confidence will take you nowhere and so consult a counsellor at the earliest.

  1. Rahul Dasondi

He is an ambitious professional with a passion for career counselling. With compassion for the field, he conducts workshops for college and school aspirants. He believes there has been a great change in the education system, and students need proper guidance.

When searching for an ideal and friendly career counsellor in Gurgaon can help understand the importance of a prospective career. Look for positive aspects of counselling that can help boost strength and help individuals make informed future decisions.

  1. Tanmaya Goswami

Tanmaya Goswami is good training as a global career counsellor in Gurgaon. If you search for a friendly life coach, her training can show a positive path to students. However, it requires strategic intervention for students to follow the right path. She has been a great mentor and coaches’ students to go up the career ladder smoothly.

As there is more competition, only contacting the best psychologist can help a student. The career path should align with students’ interests, core values, and personalities.

  1. Preetika Sharma

Preetika Sharma is an expert in Medical and English. With global certification and excellent academic experience, her passion helps offer suitable advice and look for a positive direction for the students. The workshops and group sessions help students get an idea of professional presentation and use of material and make the best of use career-wise options.

Her experience with college in India is remarkable. This is how she can guide students to pick the right career path after a consultation.

  1. Bharati K Trivedi

She is a famous career counsellor, who wants to share experience and knowledge with students. This is mainly to guide aspirants toward a successful future. Due to her excellent educational background and experience, she knows how to counsel students to hone communication.

Apart from counselling with education, she assists by nurturing patients’ minds in the right way. Having a specific goal can help a student go a long way. It can further help a student achieve their life goals.

  1. Pooja Bhatia

Pooja Bhatia gives valuable guidance to students and empowers them with a positive mindset. She believes in career guidance for students and is always at the forefront of helping students. Professional guidance can help students realise their dreams and go on the right path.

Students should plan strategically for choosing and deciding on the right path. In each approach, students should have valuable insights. This is where a counsellor can guide students on their venture to new avenues.

  1. Neetu Agarwal

Neetu Agarwal focuses on behavioural training along with interpersonal skills. She offers counselling from the initial stages to students of various age groups.

A suitable career path guiding platform can help identify the right learning styles, priorities, and ambitions to have a definite thought process. As there is high competition these days, students cannot achieve goals without suitable strategies.

An expert counsellor can help understand an individual’s skills and identify their shortcomings. It helps an individual choose the right path.

  1. Sonila Mishra

Sonila Mishra is an expert professional in the field of training, people management career, and mental health counselling. His experience speaks of her counselling skills, helping professionals and school and college students overcome career problems.

A well-structured career roadmap can make it easy for a student to go ahead. Career decisions should come with satisfaction and success and give better outcomes. Whether an individual talk or a group session, Sonali Mishra can arrange satisfactory guidance for students to overcome career obstacles.

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