Reasons Why Screen Time Management Is Crucial For Mental Health

The devices ranging from smartphones to laptops, tablets, and television sets are always there to draw our attention. The fact is that technology has greatly facilitated our lives, but excessive screen time can be bad for your mental health and wellbeing. It is necessary to have a grasp of the significance of having screen time managed properly and to apply screen time management strategies to...

18th April, 2024
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How can I improve my mental well-being?

Mental well-being - Being sad or having a low mood is completely normal for a human being. But when it starts to impact your day-to-day life negatively, then the mind is giving you a signal. It is giving you a signal to ask, reach out and seek help. A mental health psychologist can help clients with analyzing and coping with symptoms of different mental disorders....

18th December, 2023
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Military Psychology- What Role Does It Play in the Defence Forces?

Military operations need more than physical power and strategic planning. They necessitate a thorough comprehension of the human mind. Military psychology, a subfield that studies the psychological characteristics of military personnel, is critical to the accomplishment of military missions. Military psychology is one of the most overlooked psychological counterparts. Undeniably, it plays a crucial role in the defence force by boosting the mental wellness of...

2nd December, 2023
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What is the role of a sports psychologist?

Balancing performance with physical skill is the prerequisite for an athlete. They need to train their body and mind for perfection and confidence while playing. Losing a game can be impactful if they fail to take their thoughts toward positive behaviour. This is where an expert sports psychologist can help improve discipline, focus, and confidence in a person. It can also help to keep away...

20th November, 2023
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Why is Industrial and Organizational Psychology a Priority These Days?

Importance of Industrial and Organizational Psychology - A company or an organization can perform much better, stand out and become more sought-after when it values its employees' well-being. Indeed, prioritizing varying issues that the staff often experience is of the utmost importance for employers. Taking appropriate actions sooner than later can help positively impact the well-being and performance of employees and the organization. The majority...

14th November, 2023
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Employee Health & Well-being in the Workplace

Why is employee health & well-being important? How to optimize it to offer a better employee experience in the workplace? Focus on employee well-being should be the top priority of an employer. Taking care of employees’ well-being shows positive business results. Employers must understand that well-being is more than caring for an ill employee. Understanding How Well-being Is Vital Since the pandemic outbreak, focus on...

28th July, 2023
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