Employee Health & Well-being in the Workplace

Why is employee health & well-being important? How to optimize it to offer a better employee experience in the workplace? Focus on employee well-being should be the top priority of an employer. Taking care of employees’ well-being shows positive business results. Employers must understand that well-being is more than caring for an ill employee.

Understanding How Well-being Is Vital

Since the pandemic outbreak, focus on mental health has positively impacted employees and the business. Employers need to emphasise more with employees for worry and distress in the workplace.

Let’s look at the necessity to focus on mental health more than before.

How to Better Employee Morale?

An effective mental health awareness India workshop among departments in an organisation can positively impact employee morale. Introducing the best awareness program can be challenging. Do not compromise the well-being of your team, and experts like Dr. Dipti Yadav can guide you well.

Encourage Employees to Unplug

Attaining the best productivity level can be challenging. Encourage employees to give more time to well-being. It protects their mental health and helps improve job performance. For instance, workers taking short breaks can be more productive, resulting in few health issues, and can avoid problems of depression and heavy workload.

High Employee Engagement

More companies are supporting wellness programs as it impacts employee engagement. After employers implement the programs, an employee can connect more effectively, revealing their health condition and making an employee happy.

But it requires designing the correct mental health awareness India program that serves a workplace culture at its best. These also contribute to a high engagement level, good feedback practice, and recognition from employers.

Checking on Workplace Mental Health

Employers need to understand how mental health impacts employees and their productivity. Take guidance from the best psychologist on supporting employees’ well-being, ensuring maximum return on work.

Encourage employees to use the company’s assistance program that can promote mental health. Some are reluctant to understand the program and fail to participate. However, to encourage employees to use it, the company can do the following:

  • Offer direct access to mental health professionals or the best psychologist in the city for phone or in-person contact
  • Provide the benefit to employees and their immediate family members
  • Let employees know with whom to discuss about harassment problems
  • Help employees understand that they can access the wellness program confidentially without any charges

So, the right wellness program implementation reduces an organization’s turnover rate. It also checks problem of job quitting due to harassment or bully.

How can Psychologist Help Combat Workplace Bullying?

If there are increasing problems of workplace bullying and harassment, it may trigger a chance of workplace safety. This is where psychology plays a vital role in tackling situations better. It involves two things:

  • Provide direct support and advice to improve the mental health of employees
  • Incorporate a suitable wellness program and clearly state the policies and process on how to mentor and prevent incidents of bullying

There should be key strategies to identify and combat workplace bullying and harassment. The first step is to contact a reliable and expert psychologist. Create channels for employees to voice their problems; a comforting discussion with a psychologist can help settle things better.

An employer can try to reduce harassment problems with the help of the below steps:

  • Bring up the bully issue, instead of hiding it
  • Offer professional support along with disciplinary action to correct the behaviour

So, consulting the best psychologist can help improve the behaviour of the person bullying. It can also help the victim overcome the negative effects of bullying and comfort them to open up about the incident. An expert psychologist can help a vulnerable victim cope with workplace difficulties easily.

Incorporate a Model of Healthy Behaviour

Managers shouldn’t just say they wish to promote healthy behaviour in the workplace. Instead, they need to model it, prioritising self-care for employees. More often, the managers need to focus on their team’s well-being and arrange therapy appointments or a staycation to take care of mental wellbeing.

Open communication encourages employees to vent their struggles and lowers the chance of bad mental health. This is where companies can invest in mental health coaches. And no one can be the best option than Dr. Dipti Yadav.

She can offer the best guidance with psychotherapy and help employees combat problems of depression, anxiety, or workplace bullying.

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