What Are the Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs in India?

Corporate wellness programs in India – A responsible and experienced employer always focuses on building a healthy work environment to keep the employees productive. That’s the foundation of maintaining workplace strength. But amidst the rise of mental health awareness, implementing corporate wellness programs has become mandatory.

Workplace wellness programs can offer the right support to employees, thereby addressing their issues. These programs include the following services:

  • Mental health check-ups
  • Stress management
  • Other counselling services

After the COVID-19 outbreak, Indian companies have started prioritising mental well-being, which can positively impact the company’s success. From employee productivity to the company’s increased ROI, it does everything in between. Here are some reasons to invest in a corporate wellness program.

Improved Workplace Productivity

The idea of doing something together can improve an employee’s productivity at work, even if that means exercising or eating together. Any health activity builds focus and makes personnel more motivated and energised at work.

Regular exercise boosts your brain function while lowering healthcare expenses. Exercise can improve brain health as more oxygen enters the brain cells. Healthy workers have better stamina and strength, which enhances their work.

An all-encompassing corporate wellness program can make the company successful. Not just that, it also adds value to the entire workforce. While keeping talented workers happy, it improves retention too. Let’s check the advantages below.

Reduced Medical Expenses: They Key to Ultimate Productivity

Corporate wellness solutions encourage employees to work extra hours. Happy employees can take advantage of their lunch breaks by eating, walking around the office premise, and talking to everyone. Since the office ambiance remains energetic and positive, they do not fall ill sick often. They have less chance of developing chronic bone ailments.

Staying healthy and fit can lower unwanted medical expenses for employers and employees. Monitoring your health can keep employees well-informed of their expenses. So, it also reduces unnecessary health costs and keeps the company running with efficacy and seamlessness.

Builds a Community of Happy Employees

An office can develop fun activities practiced on the day before the weekend starts. Performing these activities together builds a strong employee community. It enhances professional relationships and keeps everyone social at work. In a nutshell, it boosts workplace performance and keeps employees engaged aside from work. So, it builds happy employees by making them feel more worthy.

Reduced Rates of Absenteeism & Presenteeism

Absenteeism is a practice that maximum non-enthusiastic employees make to stay away from their work for no good reason. Employees will be less likely to be absent with a corporate wellness program. They will show up for work almost every day. A good mood at work helps these employees work harder, which improves productivity and company morale.

The program makes the office ambience more engaging for personnel. In addition, it also reduces stress and makes workers feel valued. Besides, implementing a corporate wellness program can also reduce the rates of presenteeism (which is worse than absenteeism).

This type of employee might be physically present at work, but their mental state of being is somewhere else. It leads to lower productivity and, at the same time, reduces the company’s efficiency.

Consulting the best psychologist in India to improve employees’ productivity can be an advantageous move because of the following:

  • Reducing presenteeism and absenteeism
  • Improving employee morale
  • Assisting workers in leading a healthier lifestyle

Better Organizational Loyalty

Enhanced employee loyalty is another important advantage of an employee wellness program that includes the following:

  • Health screenings
  • Nutrition counselling
  • Fitness classes and more

With increased company loyalty, there will be reduced expenses considering recruitment and turnover. This approach offers a pleasant working environment to employees.

Work Time Becomes Fun Time

A monotonous working environment can be tedious, reducing productivity and morale. Thus, incorporating fun activities can enhance overall performance. Did you know activities in the office can improve an employee’s job satisfaction which is a huge part of any organisation’s success? It also makes personnel feel that the company is involved in their daily tasks for holistic growth.

Corporate wellness programs stand as a symbol of the establishment’s values. In fact, companies can consider it as a branding stunt to attract the best talents.

So, corporate wellness programs are not essential for every company to succeed. It promotes employee health, improves productivity, reduces presenteeism and absenteeism, and retains/attracts top talents.

Are you a company in India that plans to implement a corporate health program? It is time to consult a mental health coach today. Investing in the employee’s health can create a culture of wellness, supporting both the business and employees alike. Amidst this holistic journey, the one who can assist you with the right guidance and proficiency is Dr. Dipti Yadav.

The psychologist offers support to children, young adults, adolescents, couples, and families. She has dealt with various psychological health issues like workplace low self-esteem, anxiety, phobia, depression, etc.

About Author:

The author has elucidated the advantages of corporate wellness programs in a country like India. It explains how a program can promote good work while making the candidate social and improving professional relationships. After reading this blog, you know how a company can engage workers physically, mentally and mentally at work. Contact Dr. Dipti Yadav.

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