Career counselling after 10th & 12th

After 10th and 12th standard, students can, time and again, select a discipline of specialization. This specialization is founded on their interests and aptitudes. This permits them to hunt deeper and learn more about the subjects they are zealous about.

Why Is Deciding on a Career after the 12th Standard Important?

Many career paths need particular educational qualifications. When students realise their career goals, they can arrange a plan for higher education. This is regardless of whether they want to pursue a degree, diploma, or vocational training.

Distinct careers call for particular skill sets. Individuals can concentrate on adopting the required skills and gaining appropriate experiences. They can do this by deciding on a job at an early stage. A good start would be after 10th and 12th standard. These skills, expertise, competencies, and experiences will make them more competitive in a job market that has become cut-throat nowadays.

Opting for a career path early aids in ample time and resource organising. It permits individuals to think out their educational passage. This encompasses picking out relevant courses and assigning time for internships or practical experiences.


Comprehending the urge to adopt specific skills in the job market is pivotal. Picking out a career founded on market demand improves the possibility of getting a job. This is very important after the student has finished their education.

Chasing a career that matches one’s interests and passions can bring about a more purposeful and satisfying professional existence. It decreases the possibility of job dissatisfaction. It also increases motivation, inspiration, productivity, and engagement in the chosen professional realm.

Particular careers may need considerable financial investments. These investments are in terms of education and training. Planning early empowers individuals and their families to make informed decisions. These decisions are economic decisions about budgeting and financial commitments.

Early career decisions supply opportunities to grow networks and connections inside the chosen industry. Networking is pivotal for many things. It aids in getting insights, mentorship, and potential job opportunities.

Determining a career after the 12th standard is pivotal in moulding one’s future. It supports and sheds light in the right direction and aids in effective planning. It also contributes to personal and professional satisfaction. This is where career counselling can come to the rescue.

How Can Career Counselling Help Mould Someone’s Professional Career

Career counselling is a process that encompasses aiding individuals to make informed conclusions about their education, training, and career selections. It is a supportive, helpful and guidance-oriented service. It is directed at aiding individuals in comprehending themselves, researching career options, and making informed resolutions. They should line up with their interests, values, skills, and goals.

The chief objective of career guidance is to aid students in steering their career paths more beneficially. It is also to assist them in making informed selections about their professional lives. There are many principal features of career counselling.

Self-Assessment and Exploration of Options

Career counsellors frequently start by aiding individuals in examining their interests, personality traits, values, and skills. Different assessment tools, questionnaires, and discussions may be available to gain awareness of the individual’s strengths and preferences.

Once an individual’s attributes are better understood, career counsellors guide them in exploring different career choices. This may encompass supplying information about professions, industries, and educational options.

Setting Goals and Training Guidance

Career counselling aids individuals in setting realistic and achievable career objectives. These objectives are based on self-assessment and exploration. This encompasses short-term and long-term objectives that match their aspirations.

Career counsellors supply information about relevant educational and training programs. They can aid individuals in learning the skills and qualifications required for their chosen career option.

Job Market Information and Decision-Making Support

Being aware of trends in the job market is very important. Career counsellors supply information about the current job market, industry requirements, and potential opportunities.

Career decisions can be complex, and because of this, individuals may experience dilemmas. Counsellors aid in decision-making. They do this by giving guidance, motivating critical thinking, and helping individuals see the pros and cons of different options.

Skill Development

Recognizing and building upon the skills needed for a particular career is critical to career counselling. Counsellors may organise workshops, courses, or activities to build on an individual’s skill set.

Other areas where career counsellors can help are:

  • Resume and interview preparation
  • Career transitions
  • Professional development

Career guidance can be provided in various settings, including educational institutions, career centres, private practices, and online platforms. It is a valuable resource for individuals seeking guidance and support in making informed and meaningful career decisions.

Dr Dipti Yadav is a qualified and certified career guidance counsellor. Through her psychotherapy sessions, she aims to achieve well-being for her clients. With a degree in global career counselling from the University of California, she successfully aids her clients out of their career existentialism.

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For recent graduates or mid-career individuals facing a sense of stagnation and uncertainty, Dr Dipti Yadav serves as an excellent life coach. Leveraging her extensive knowledge and experience as a career counsellor, she adeptly guides individuals towards making decisive and informed career choices. Whether contemplating a shift in academic focus or navigating a job transition, Dr Dipti excels in providing professional guidance and identifying optimal solutions tailored to each client’s unique situation.

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