What does a Psychologist do for Down Syndrome?

There is no definite or single treatment for Down syndrome. It varies depending on its extent, stage and impact on the intellectual and physical needs of the patient. Down syndrome can lead to other health issues, among which some are right from birth, and others show up gradually through adolescence and adulthood.

The best Down syndrome psychologist and therapy guidance can make situations easy to handle for children and parents. A good psychologist can be a source of motivation and encouragement for a child. Regular medical care is essential, along with attention to physical and social activities, to keep them going in life. Therefore, appointing the best psychologist can help the child go through therapies for betterment.

Use of Cognitive Therapy to Treat Down Syndrome

An expert Down syndrome psychologist and therapy for children can help deal with the difficulties. Cognitive therapy is a useful tool that most psychologist uses to direct behavioural and thought approaches of a child. This can correct the developmental disorder in a child and can greatly benefit from the therapy.

Cognitive therapy reshapes how a person understands and thinks. By means of therapy, a child psychologist can evaluate and modify beliefs and attitudes and redirect thought processes. It can further eliminate emotional stress and promote one’s mental well-being. Only an expert psychologist can take a child go through the right path and experience visible changes in quick time.

Need for Early Interventions in Children with Down Syndrome

Long before the psychological sessions start, early intervention by parents can help. Identify the developmental delays that set the initial stage of Down syndrome. A psychologist or therapist should start monitoring the motor skills and level of speech development in a child. However, a child or individual with Down syndrome can have the following:

  • Low mood
  • High level of irritability
  • Loss of energy or lack of motivation to perform
  • Refusal behaviour at school
  • The problem of stomach ache or headache
  • Refuse to speak around others, known or unknown
  • Crying randomly
  • Rigidity or over-adherence to follow routine

Parents can benefit from therapies in that they can have more confidence in parenting and become friends with their kids.

Benefits of Treatment Therapy In Children with Down Syndrome

  1. Boost Self Confidence

Cognitive therapy has a transformative approach and helps a child have a positive outlook towards life.

When you approach the best psychologist in India, they can help you understand the positive impacts of cognitive therapy. It boosts confidence and self-esteem in a child. An experienced psychologist knows it right on how to identify the challenges and negative thoughts in a child through comforting conversation.

After a few sessions, the psychologist can replace the negativity with positivity and help them regain confidence and belief in life.

  1. Reduce Stress and Anxiety

A child psychologist can identify the weaknesses and strengths of a child better. With therapies, a child learns to respond to the needs of others and emotions. Effective therapy can help them lower and have control over anxiety and stress. It is through relaxation techniques such as visualisation, breathing and other exercise that help them cope with stressful situations.

  1. Physical Therapy

It helps children improve their motor skills, muscle strength and posture. Children can learn better from the world around them and can interact with friendly behaviour with people and friends around. Training can help a child with walking, running and other developments.

Therapy can also improve conversational capacity along with learning and reading skills better. Expert assistance can help a child read and write with confidence without fumbling in front of others.

If you seek assistance from the best psychologist in India, the expert can guide both the child and the parents. Cognitive therapy can benefit both as parents can find better ways to help their children overcome the challenges. Parents need to be more tolerant and cooperative with child and boost them with confidence and motivation in every step the child takes.

Psychologist Can Help Control Behaviour and Emotions

Children with Down syndrome tend to get agitated and frustrated easily and quite often. This is where therapies can help with useful ways that curb behavioural issues. Impulsive behaviour is common when the child is unable to communicate and vent their emotions correctly. It can lead to hyperactivity or other mental issues.

Attending sessions with a psychologist can help a child understand that they are acting up unnecessarily and its root cause. The counsellor or psychologist can help them to be considerate and positive in responding to a situation.

Behavioural therapies can help recognise intense emotions and find ways to calm them. And this is where meeting the famous and best psychologist Dr Dipti Yadav, can be useful. Parents should know ways how to cooperate with children and help with their daily life challenges. Know the best of it with quick therapy sessions at the Mental Wellness Centre.

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Dr Dipti Yadav is a renowned name in the field of therapist and psychologist in Gurgaon and India. Her sessions are comforting, and she devises inclusive therapy plans for the ones with Down syndrome. She is a senior consultant. Her writings on humanity and human nature can enlighten one, and help have a positive outlook towards life.

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