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Organizations which provide mental health services cover multiple areas of aid, which include mental health treatment. It also provides counselling, psychotherapy, relationship counselling, mindfulness, stress management, child counselling, career counselling and personality development.

The best psychologist for a person would be someone who protects their client’s privacy. They have years of experience dealing with patients with mental health disorders in different settings.

Child Counselling- A Boon for A Positive Childhood

Parenting is a difficult journey, especially when they cannot give proper care to their children suffering from mental disorders. Here, a child psychologist can help parents and the children to address the issue, go through therapy and support child development.

Child psychology aims to evaluate and treat children and adolescents’ mental, emotional, social and behavioural health. Through various tools of therapy, child psychologists assess psychological issues, use interventions, develop prevention programs and give comprehensive care.

  • Issues Addressed

    Children and adolescents go through many issues that may negatively impact their impressionable years and, therefore, need medical support. These may include trauma, anger management, autism, bullying, substance abuse/addiction, and learning disabilities (like dyslexia).

  • Therapies

    Through different therapy techniques such as art, behavioural, music, play, and occupational therapy, they address the issue. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) are also included. Sometimes, family counselling and child-parent therapy may also be required.

  • Holistic Child Development

    Even when no complex diagnoses are involved, a child psychologist may help the child in other areas. These may include anger management, developing life skills, enhancing self-esteem, reducing screen addiction, and developing study skills. These do not require medical attention but are vital for every child’s holistic development.

  • Parenting

    Child psychology involves a parent’s growth and development with the children. Through child-parent therapy, parents and guardians learn to communicate better, address power struggles and build connections with their children. They also understand the importance of positive reinforcement, making children responsible and creating a safe learning and growing environment.

Career Counselling- A Step Towards a Brighter Future

Career counselling is a critical aspect of child counselling. Children, especially adolescents, are at the crossroads of their lives where they must choose a suitable career. The change from being a student to a professional can be very stressful.

Every individual needs to recognize their skills, strengths and interests. Career counselling can help individuals who seek a more straightforward path to their profession.

  • Recognizing Strengths

    A career counsellor helps their client acknowledge their strengths and see how they can use them to choose their profession. In cases where strengths and interests align, a career counsellor can help convert a mere hobby into a career. This boosts the confidence and morale of a student or professional.

  • Psychometric Testing

    Career counsellors use personality, aptitude and psychometric testing to assess skills, education and character.

  • Navigating Job Markets

    Achieving a dream career is not a linear graph for most students. Getting guidance about industry trends, building a resume, networking and interviewing tips is where a career counsellor comes in help. This will help students become mentally ready, develop their personalities and work on setting good habits to achieve their goals.

  • Use of AI

    Nowadays, measuring a career assessment profile does not have to be daunting for career counsellors. Accurate assessment reports by AI can help clients identify their unique skills, work on limitations, and seek mentoring where needed.

  • Resources

    Students often lack essential guidance, knowledge and mentors in the industry they want to work in. Career counsellors can drive them in the correct direction and provide the resources in such cases

  • Mapping and Progression

    Having various career options and paths can make a student clueless and confused. Career counsellors help provide foresight to students to help them turn their goals into achievable steps in the right direction. They work with the student’s aspirations and chart a career progression path.

  • Career Anxiety

    In the age of competition and growing expectations, having career anxiety for some students is possible. It can hurt their mental health, leading to fear self-doubt and overwhelm. In extreme cases, this can also lead to depression and anxiety disorders. In these cases, counsellors can help evaluate career goals and teach the importance of self-care.

In conclusion, the best psychologist in career counselling can help clients identify their passion and help develop their portfolio.

Dr Dipti Yadav is a therapist with experience of over two decades of providing mental health services. She caters to children, adolescents, young adults, couples, and families suffering from issues like stress, anxiety, phobia, depression, etc.

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The author is a renowned psychologist registered with the Rehabilitation Council of India. She has 20 years of experience in handling a variety of psychological issues. She provides services like relationship counselling, managing low self-esteem, handling stress, and treating depression, among others. Her positive client testimonials are an example of her experience and merit.

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