Top Psychologists in Delhi NCR

When Should You Visit A Psychologist In Delhi NCR? There are usually difficulties in life. However, some people can be so domineering that it might be challenging to go on. You must understand that aid is accessible for any issue life presents, whether it’s the loss of a loved one or debilitating worry.

As you know, damaged daily activities have made life more stressful in recent years. You will encounter various issues in life, including stress, anxiety, and many other related matters. This is why India needs the best psychologists—to prevent these problems. A psychologist can only assist you in managing your mental condition without using any medications.

List of Top Psychologists

You should contact the top psychologist who will focus more on their work than using medications to solve all your difficulties. You may help yourself and your possessions with psychological service providers, but you must pick a trustworthy one. If you’re looking for a reputable psychology clinic, check out my fit brain online to receive psychology services at such low costs.

You are now dealing with myriad issues that will leave you depressed, stressed, and lacking confidence. Due to these circumstances, you will lose everything you desire to accomplish.

  1. Dr Dipti Yadav

Dr Dipti Yadav is a renowned psychologist widely regarded as India’s most significant. Additionally, Dr Dipti Yadav focuses on interventions with adolescents, families, couples, and young adults across India. She is ideal if you need assistance with psychological problems like sadness, phobias, or low self-esteem.

  1. Dr Pankaja

Dr. Pankaja is a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist in Gurgaon, NCR and has an experience of 11 years in these fields. Dr. Pankaja practices at Mental Wellness Centre Clinic in Gurgaon. She completed PHD- psychology from Kurukshetra University.

  1. Dr Neha Gupta

Since she started practising as a clinical psychologist 12 years ago, Dr Neha Gupta has primarily focused on helping clients with problems after the COVID phase. Her area of expertise is early intervention with kids who have been given a diagnosis of autism, ADHD, CP, or down syndrome.

She offers complete treatment regimens in collaboration with my skilled staff of occupational, speech, and exceptional therapists. She does psychological evaluations for psychiatric patients and kids with autism and learning disabilities.

  1. Ms Anubha Dubey

Anubha Dubey is a clinical psychologist with the RCI who practises at MindfulTMS Neurocare in Gurgaon’s Galleria Market DLF 4 and as a guest consultant at the Yadav Neuropsychiatry Centre there.

She graduated from Middlesex University in London with a Master’s in Clinical Psychology, a Master’s in Applied Clinical Health Psychology, and an MPhil in Clinical Psychology (RCI). At BRENT (London), she took part in various international courses and earned credentials.

  1. Dr Shilpi Sharma

Dr. Shilpi Sharma started her career at R&R Army Hospital. She later served as the Head Psychologist at AIIMS NDDTC (National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre), Zyego. Additionally, as a psychologist, she has experience working with children with special needs at the Asha AWWA School.

She served as a consultant at Yashoda Multispecialty Hospital, Balaji Action, Saroja Hospital, and Thirathram Hospital before joining the conscious TMS Neurocare centre. She has also taught psychology at Queens Mary School.

  1. Mrs Neelima Dhawan

Since 2022, Mrs Neelima Dhawan has been affiliated with The Happy Tree and Mindgram. She is currently pursuing her doctorate.

She is a clinical psychologist with a Master’s in Psychology from Amity University and a Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology from the Rehabilitation Council of India. Additionally, she has experience as a consultant clinical psychologist at Perfect Mind.

  1. Dr Abha Arora

With 38 years of expertise in these domains, Dr Abha Arora practises as a general physician, a counselling psychologist, and a psychologist in Mayur Vihar Ph-III, Delhi. Dr Abha Arora sees patients at the Prakashwati Clinic in Delhi’s Mayur Vihar Ph-III.

In 1980, she received her MBBS from Kakatiya Medical College in Warangal, and in 2005. She received her MSc in Psychotherapy and Counselling from The Institute for Psychotherapy.

  1. Dr Rajiv Nandy

In India, Dr Rajiv Nandy is considered one of the pioneers in studying child and adolescent psychology. He has 22 years of clinical and diagnostic experience from premier medical institutions, including AIIMS, Lady Hardinge Medical College, Jaipur Golden Hospital, etc.

He is a specialist who uses his extensive knowledge and skills to assess the differential diagnoses of any childhood learning issue. His pupils worldwide use the mixed management method that he established.

Parting Thoughts

Psychologists can assess and treat your mental health using psychotherapy (talk therapy), psychological examinations, and testing. Many psychologists have professional training and clinical abilities in these areas. Psychologists assist individuals in developing more effective coping mechanisms for mental illness, interpersonal problems, and other aspects of life.

One of the best facilities supplying excellent counselling is called Wellbeing Help. They have the best psychologists with plenty of expertise and credentials who can help provide a session that meets your specific demands.

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