Everything you need to know about a social personality psychologist

Mental health is crucial for every person’s well-being and interpersonal relationships. That is why taking the services of mental health programs is essential. When an individual is facing any mental issue, like depression, it is advised that they seek help from mental health professionals.

Why It Is Important to Seek Help

A social personality psychologist can help you to look underneath your trauma and identify your triggers. Being sad or having a low mood is normal for everyone. But when it starts to impact your lifestyle negatively, it is right to reach out for help from psychologists. A social psychologist can help clients with analyzing and coping with symptoms of different mental disorders.

They listen to your difficulties, help you investigate your emotions, and work on cognitive behaviour therapy techniques. They shed light on the importance of leading a purposeful and valuable life by charting a treatment plan for their clients.

Personal Development Leads to Social Development

We are interdependent people as part of a family, community, and society. That is why counsellors and mental health services cater to every kind of person regardless of age, gender or background. An ideal mental health service would provide counselling services to children, adolescents, adults and seniors.

  • Children- Children need therapy as equally as adults. Child psychologists can help prevent a child from risks of depression and anxiety. A parent must take care of their child’s well-being at a young, impressionable age. Having mental health issues in children can lead to poor academic performance, isolation, delayed development, and even suicidal thoughts. Therefore, with the help of child-parent counselling, children can live out their childhood years peacefully.
  • Adolescents- With the rise of the digital age, adolescents’ changing hormones make them prone to influence even more. Psychologists understand this and give importance to the mental health of adolescents.
  • Adults- For a fast-paced life full of stress and worries, adults need to take care of their mental health. That is why mental health professionals help individuals with practical coping abilities, self-belief, and the ability to form healthy relationships.
  • Marriage Counselling- Marriage counsellors help couples and partners in conflict resolution and communication by encouraging interpersonal interactions.
  • Senior Citizens- Dementia and Alzheimer’s are rising mental health concerns among the elderly. Psychotherapists and psychiatrists help these patients and their families to cope with such disorders.

The Options for Multiple Avenues

Technology has made mental health services more accessible for clients. Online counselling is a more convenient option for people who want to seek help from the comfort of their homes. Online psychologists can interact with clients through phone and video calls for the treatment of various mental disorders.

These disorders range from anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, hallucinations, and even career issues. They even include mood disorders like dysthymia, bipolar disorder, and addiction.

Online psychologists provide follow-ups, check with clients regularly and can prescribe medication if needed.

Positive Impact on Well-Being and Living

By addressing mental issues of any kind, the best psychologist will always give priority to your privacy. They will ensure that whatever you share remains confidential. Consent is asked to share case studies, but even in those cases, no names are disclosed. They give their clients stress management measures, cope with unpleasant emotions and encourage mindfulness.

They are open and accepting of your flaws and give room for growth and improvement. Through positive reinforcement, they remind you of your strengths. Through healthy, introspective, self-reflective and open conversations, clients can get fresh perspectives about themselves. In this way, they can find new ways to tackle their difficulties and uncertainties.

These experts provide an environment of safety and comfort, even on an online platform. In this way, clients feel safe to discuss their concerns without judgement. They help in building self-confidence and resilience, improve communication and improve their capabilities to realise their true potential.

It Is Never Too Late to Begin Therapy If You Need It

Whether the situation is dire or not. Your way of living and self-talk tells you whether you need therapy. A patient may have to speak with a few counsellors before they land on the best psychologist for them. But when that day comes, the counsellor can ignite the patient’s willpower to improve.

Emotionally healthy people can have better control over their feelings, actions and ideas. They also experience stress, grief, anger and sadness. But they are better equipped with the tools to manage their emotions better. Emotionally healthy people can, in turn, help other people when they can manage their negative thoughts and emotions.

About Author

Dr Dipti Yadav is a psychologist and clinical therapist at the Wellbeing Help (Gurugram, Haryana, India). She has more than 20 years of working in the mental health field. She has worked with individuals, children, and families who have faced trauma, autism, a variety of mental health disorders, as well as legal and socioeconomic difficulties.

To know more you can contact us at info@wellbeinghelp.com.

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