Resolving Parent Child Conflict through Counselling

Conflicts are a normal part of relationships, especially within a family that spends a considerable amount of time together. In such situations, figuring out the correct way to deal with it is necessary. Parent child conflicts mostly arise during the teenage years of a person. This generally happens since children start developing opposing views of their parents.

What Gives Way to Parent Child Conflict?

Conflicts generally arise when both parents and children start disagreeing on topics based on their opposing beliefs. This usually arises at a stage when children want to live independently, and parents start imposing certain rules on them. Children start believing their parents do not support their ideas and become distant. Parent counselling can help them identify the emotional requirements of the children.

Signs of The Onset of Parent Child Conflict

Heated Arguments: It’s when children start getting into heated arguments with one or both parents and aggression progresses between both sides.

Shutting emotions down: One can feel themselves shutting their emotions down during stressful situations.

Communication gap: Children stop communicating with their parents and isolate themselves for the majority of the time they spend at home.

What Can Help Resolve Such Conflicts?

Mostly, parents try to resolve such conflicts with their children and fail to do so. This happens mainly because the children withdraw themselves from showing emotions. Here, both should try communicating and resolving matters before they take a toll on both people’s mental health. Parent child counselling can help you attain insight into how to resolve the problems effectively.

Regarding individual perspectives: It is essential to keep aside personal opinions and hear what the opposite person has to say. This will make the opposite person feel validated and heard.

Indulging in conversation: You should provide each other with a space for communication, keeping aside conflicting views. This will help you communicate with each other without the fear of being criticised.

Understanding emotional vulnerability: It is important to understand that blaming each other in such situations will elevate it further. It is also necessary to figure out the reason behind such emotional vulnerability of the person rather than gas-lighting them.

Why Is Parent Child Counselling Required in These Situations?

During child counselling, the children can open up about their problems without fear of being scolded and judged for their opinions. It enhances their ways of self-reflecting on their own problems. Psychologists can help build the relationship between a parent and a child that has been severely impacted by conflicts.

How Can It Help Aid Communication?

It helps ease communication among the parents and children in a situation where they are unable to communicate clearly among themselves. Parent counselling might help ease this tension and allow both of them to open up. This can help parents and children when a communication gap is created. Working on these together will give them ways to deal with the problems.

How Can Parent Child Counselling Help Strengthen Relationship?

The psychologist will be able to communicate about their children’s problems to the parents better than the children themselves. Psychologists will encourage open communication while guiding them to work as a team. Collaborative sessions with both parents and children will establish a stronger bond between the two. Dr. Dipti Yadav, a specialist in this field, can encourage both parents and children to work on their relationship.

How Can Counselling Help Improve the Self-Esteem of the Children?

A strained relationship with parents can have damaging effects on the children. They start losing confidence in themselves and end up hating things they once loved to do. Their inability to fix conflicts going on at home makes them feel helpless. Overcoming stressful situations can help the children regain their lost confidence, and they will start feeling worthy. Parent child counselling can help the children improve their self-esteem.

How Can Counselling Help Them Develop Healthy Relationships in The Future?

A child’s perspective is built by whatever they observe or see in the atmosphere at their homes. Through effective counselling, the psychologist can help the family understand the areas it lacks interaction. In the future, counselling will enable both the parents and children to engage in healthier relationships with other people. The relationships could be stronger, and both will start taking responsibility for their actions.

Mending Relationship Through Parent Child Counselling

Whenever the parent or child interacts with a therapist, it becomes easier to understand the core of the problem. Opening up about the problem allows the therapist to choose the right path for starting the counselling. Addressing each issue separately will help lower the strain of the relationship gradually on both parents and children.

You can consult with Dr. Yadav, who can guide you on your queries. She can provide you with effective guidance that will help resolve ongoing conflicts with your children. Through counselling, she will ensure a strengthened parent child relationship.

About Author

The author, Dr. Dipti Yadav, a renowned therapist, is effective at aiding communication among parents and children facing conflicts. This can help both better understand each other and build a strong bond after resolving issues responsibly. Parent child counselling can help both understand each other’s emotional vulnerability and help each other address those.

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