Best & Top 10 Hypnotherapist in India You Must Know

Hypnotherapy by the best hypnotherapist is using hypnosis to aid patients in resolving their difficulties. During hypnosis, a person enters a deeply relaxed, highly focused state where they can access their subconscious mind, the repository of many of their conscious thoughts, feelings, and actions. The hypnotist induces a trance-like condition in the patient and then uses suggestions and guided imagery to assist them in working through their issues.

Hypnotherapy’s Advantages

Hypnotherapy has the potential to provide spectacular outcomes for certain patients. Sometimes, individuals just feel quite calm and at ease. Hypnotherapy may have several positive effects, such as:

  • Awareness:

Some people maintain full consciousness throughout the ordeal. They can converse while hypnotised and remember every detail of the experience. Some individuals may enter phases of profound relaxation in which they feel completely removed from their surroundings.

  • Relaxation:

When you’re in the hypnotic state, you’re completely at ease. Your conscious mind relaxes, and your subconscious can hone in on the problem. You’ve learned to relax and are more open to confronting your issues and worries.

Here Are the Top 10 Hypnotists in India You Should Consult

1] Dipti Yadav

Dr Dipti Yadav, a psychologist registered with the RCI, demonstrates compassion and dedication. In Gurgaon and around India, she is available to provide psychiatric counselling and therapy to individuals of all ages. She is a professional dealing with various mental health difficulties, including phobias, depression, anxiety, stress, and relationship problems.

Dr Dipti’s extensive background in psychology spans over 20 years. She takes a holistic perspective by including elements of CBT, hypnotherapy, NLP, and positive psychology in her practice.

Dr Dipti is a qualified psychologist in good standing with India’s Rehabilitation Council. The University of Rajasthan is where she earned her PhD in psychology. The Association of Rehabilitation Professionals and Parents in India counts her as a member.

2] Priyanka Trivedi

Priyanka, PhD, is a licensed mental health counsellor and best psychologist in India. As an added skill, she is an expert hypnotherapist. Her 16 years of professional counselling experience have given her a deep understanding of marriage and family life difficulties, raising children, and navigating adolescence. She has worked with many educational institutions and is now a Counselling Psychologist with the Indian Army Welfare Organization.

Dr Priyanka is an attentive listener who wants to support her patients as they seek happiness and fulfilment. She helps her clients become more self-aware and adept at managing change by developing individualised action plans.

3] Sunil Kumar Sharma

In Green Park, Delhi, Dr Sunil Kumar Sharma has spent the last quarter-century honing his skills as various mental health professional. He works as a Mind Coach, Counselor, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Marital & Relationship Expert, Hypnotherapist, and Homoeopathic Psychiatrist.

4] Ms Shiva Swati

Located in Mayur Vihar Ph-I, Delhi, Ms Shiva Swati has been practising as a health psychologist and hypnotherapist for 17 years. In Mayur Vihar Ph-I, Delhi, Ms Shiva Swati runs a business called Soul Empowerment & Emotional Management. In 2005, she earned her Certificate in Master Hypnotist from the California Hypnosis Institute in the United States, her Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy (CCht) and her Learning to Learn with Stars Certificate from Behavior Analysts, Inc.

5] Swasti Shree Sharma

Hypnotherapist Ms Swasti Shree Sharma practices in Indraprastha, Delhi, and has been doing so for the last eight years. Ms Swasti Shree Sharma is a practitioner at the Indraprastha, Delhi Centre Life Before Lives. In 2015, she earned her CCH from the American Academy of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

6] Ms Anjala Verma

Hypnotherapist Ms Anjala Verma of Vikas Puri, Delhi, has been practising for 17 years. Eternity in Vikas Puri, Delhi, is where Ms Anjala Verma works. Past life regression therapy, angel and crystal healing, clinical hypnotherapy, theta healing, marriage counselling, and so on are only some of the services offered by the doctor.

7] Nafis Afshan

Ms Afshan Nafis is a hypnotherapist and best psychologist in India with 19 years of expertise. In Kandivali East, Mumbai, Ms Afshan Nafis runs a Healing Touch clinic. She earned a Bachelor of Education from the University of Mumbai in 1996 and a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychological Counseling from S.I.E.S College in 2004.

8] Mr Sukumar Munje

A counselling psychologist, hypnotherapist, NLP master trainer, and life coach Dr Sukumar Munje has an impressive resume. He founded Manpravah Hypnoclinc, and it now has locations in the Mumbai neighbourhoods of Elephistone(W)/Parel(W), Vashi, and Panvel. For his health and social sector work, he was recently given the Indira Gandhi Gold Medal by the Prestigious Global Economic Progress and Research Association.

9] Kavyal Sedani

Rise Above’s top advisor is Kavyal Sedani. Her expertise in the fields of hypnotherapy, counselling, and therapy has earned her widespread recognition on a global scale. She is skilled at overcoming emotional roadblocks, sadness, anxiety, fear, and relationship and parenting problems.

10] Deepali S. Ajinkya

Physician, Psychologist, and Clinical Hypnotherapist Dr Deepali S. Ajinkya. She started her career in this field 18 years ago. The Master, Your Mind Institute of Clinical Hypnosis, now calls her its Director.

To maximise the effectiveness of the psychotherapies, she combines them with Hypnotherapy. These treatment plans include the most up-to-date, research-backed knowledge and tried-and-true professional practices available.

Before using hypnotherapy, it’s best to have your doctor’s approval. Hypnotherapy should only be attempted under the care of a trained expert. Contact Dr Dipti Yadav at Wellbeing Help if you need an excellent hypnotherapist in India.

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