Autism Spectrum Disorder Symptoms and Treatment

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a term that describes disabilities that affect learning, communication, and social interaction, including types characterised by repetitive behaviours. ASD involves autism, Asperger syndrome, and other related disorders. Certain symptoms and characteristics characterise ASD, but there can be a lot of variation as to when these symptoms appear, how severe they are, or what exactly they entail.

Each of the following sections includes a brief description of the topic, which outlines the general signs, tests and autism spectrum disorder treatment that may be used to diagnose it.

Common Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Specifically, there is an understanding of Social Communication and Interaction Difficulties.

Lack of social communication is a common manifestation in children with ASD. They cannot always speak and interactionally communicate with others, look into people’s eyes, comprehend gestures and emotions, or even sense how others feel.

–        Repetitive Behaviours

ASD children frequently exhibit stereotyped movements and use objects to line toys in a row, wave their hands, and rock or spin. They may have some rituals, dislike even minor changes in the environment or their timetable and exhibit very limited and prescribed interests.

–        Sensory Issues

Children with ASD also have atypical sensory processing, which means most of them have a strange way of responding to stimuli. They may be sensitive; for instance, they can easily be annoyed by certain sounds or feel uncomfortable about some texture, taste or smell that other persons do not pay attention to.

–        Other Issues

Consequently, children with ASD may have other developmental milestones that may be delayed, including motor coordination issues, short attention span, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, sleep disturbances, and issues with digestion or emotions.

According to an expert child counsellor, ASD is characterised by a variation of symptoms where you will not find two individuals who are affected by the disorder in the same way.

Screening and Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder

In case ASD symptoms are observed, it is crucial to consult a primary care provider as soon as possible for the kid. They can give an overall review of the child and, in case of complications, can recommend the family to consult a specialist for further tests.

Experts will then request information from the parents and perform behavioural questionnaires with the child, conduct exclusion tests to rule out other conditions, and evaluate whether the child qualifies for an ASD classification.

Some of the commonly used diagnostic assessments include the autism diagnostic observation schedule second edition and the autism diagnostic interview revised. It is very important to identify and treat them early enough because the results can be quite encouraging.

Evidence-Based Treatments of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Currently, there is no known cure for this disorder, but several treatments from the best psychologist in India – behavioural, educational, speech and language, and others – have been demonstrated to reduce symptoms and increase communication, learning and general well-being of people with ASD. Common evidence-based autism treatments include:

●      Applied Behavior Analysis

ABASS stands for applied behaviour analysis and involves encouraging and rewarding particular behaviours. Other studies also endorse the use of ABA to enhance communication, social skills, observance, problematic behaviours as well as academic achievements among children with ASD.

●      Speech Therapy

Speech and language therapy can benefit children with ASD in the following ways: the child can develop verbal and nonverbal communication skills, interact and talk, learn how to understand spoken language, use picture exchange communication, and learn the proper pronunciation of words.

●      Occupational Therapy

Autistic children require occupational therapy that enhances their sensory skills for activities such as playing, sleeping, eating, dressing, school work and many others. They may be given sensory integration therapy which is an autism spectrum disorder treatment protocol that aims at assisting the child to comprehend and sort sensory information.

●      Medications

There are no drugs that directly address the core ASD symptoms; however, medications can exist for other issues, including hyperactivity, ADHD, depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and epilepsy. These include stimulants, antidepressants, anxiolytics, antipsychotics, and other drugs that are commonly administered to patients with ADHD.

●      Complementary Approaches

Others have also tried other forms of complementary therapy which were helpful to them, such as a change in their diet, vitamin supplements, chiropractic and practices like mindfulness. However, not all complementary autism interventions are safe and effective as they have not undergone rigorous research.

●      Counselling Services

It is not easy for families to get an autism diagnosis for their kids. Parents and siblings, too, require counselling, and this is possible when they engage the services of an expert child counsellor or the best psychologist in India who deals with ASD.


The availability of various behavioural, educational, speech, occupational, and other therapies enables persons with ASD to acquire new skills, enhance their communication skills and functioning, as well as, improve their quality of life. So, it is advised that children on the autism spectrum are enrolled in evidence-based treatments with the help of a child counsellor at the earliest possible time.

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