Famous Educational Psychologist in India

Famous Educational Psychologist in India” Every person has unique traits, and no two people are the same. Because of this, it’s crucial to recognise this reality and adjust your approach to fit each personality. Each person has a unique manner of thinking and doing. When working with individuals in general, flexibility is essential.

In this situation, each person’s capacity for learning and understanding varies substantially and calls for a new educational psychology level.

Education Psychology: What Is It?

Educational psychology examines how people learn by focusing on average and gifted learners. It covers the educational process, instructional techniques, student outcomes, variations in personal learning styles, individual learning difficulties, and talented kids.

In this area of psychology, psychologists are particularly interested in providing counselling for students. Numerous psychology courses are available online that might assist you in learning more about this area of psychology.

Learning processes throughout early childhood and adolescence are included in educational psychology. However, it also involves cognitive, emotional, and social methods contributing to learning throughout life.

The fields of developmental psychology, behavioural psychology, and cognitive psychology are all included in educational psychology. Perspectives from the behavioural, developmental, cognitive, constructivist, and experiential schools of thought can be used in educational psychology.

Eminent Indian Psychologists Who Revolutionised Mental Health

Do you recall how it seemed five years ago that Indian society would never acknowledge mental health issues? Leading psychologists in India who shared this sentiment have worked to make the impossibly attainable! They had a significant part in altering how people see counselling for students along with the epidemic.

Here are five well-known psychologists who significantly contributed to the mental health revolution.

  1. Dipti Yadav

Dr. Dipti Yadav is a trustworthy psychologist and career counsellor who promotes holistic well-being. She can diligently lead groups and individuals thanks to her years of experience. Dr. Dipti Yadav’s sessions might help you regain confidence when dealing with significant mental health issues.

  1. Anjhula Mya Bais

Anjhula, an Indian-American psychologist, is the first psychologist from India to hold the Chair of Amnesty International’s International Board position. She is an advocate for human rights and a trauma specialist, both of which have benefited mental health. She has also received the 2020 Global Citizen Psychologist Citation Award from the American Psychological Association.

  1. Rasika Karkare

Rasika Karkare is a counselling psychologist from India who has been fighting to de-stigmatise mental illness in her country since before the pandemic. She has frequently spoken on important news websites and international stages like TEDx.

She is also one of the few psychologists who can distinguish between a mental health business founded by a tech company and one a psychologist led. She feels that her company, Mind Voyage, is more customer-focused, approachable, and ethical (follows APA-prescribed ethics) and offers high-quality services.

She regularly mentors aspiring psychologists to launch their private practices or companies because she wants to see more of these spaces develop. She is an expert in couple counselling.

  1. Vindhya Undurti

Having completed her Ph.D. in psychology, Vindhya Undurti is a well-known Indian mental health expert. She taught at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Hyderabad. Vindhya has won several awards, including the Association of Women in Psychology’s Distinguished Publication Award and the University of Oxford’s South Asian Visiting Scholarship.

  1. Anuja Trehan Kapur

Criminal Psychology is a specialty of Indian psychologist Anuja Trehan Kapur. She is a social activist and supporter as well. She is well-known for her criminal psychology knowledge and contributions to the discipline. She also maintains a strong presence on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

These are five of the best psychologists who assist in the DE stigmatisation of mental health in India and have all impacted the area of psychology.

Educational Psychology- Career Counsellor

Studying these influences on pupils, such as their home environment, social networks, peer groups, emotional state, and mental hygiene, among other things, is what educational psychology does. Moreover, educational psychology examines situational aspects, such as managing a school atmosphere and upholding discipline. Additionally, it investigates various A/V aids and how they support teaching and learning.

Finally, educational psychology assists educators in determining the appropriate evaluation methods to utilise when assessing a learner’s level of understanding of a subject or piece of information.

Parting Thought

The emotional, mental, and behavioural disorders that affect children are often treated differently than adults. Typically, the best psychologists work with clients one-on-one to build trust and talk candidly. Child and family psychology is a vital skill for graduates because it is frequently the case that a child’s carers or other significant individuals are involved in the treatment process. Today, choose from the best that is available at Wellbeing Help.

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